Services Offered by Serintel

Services Offered by Serintel 

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  • Supply by Serintel Ltd of multilingual teachers for taylored, in Company training of technicians and engineers working in all branches of Oil & Gas sector: geology, geophysics, reservoir, drilling, production, transportation, transforming, marketing, refinery, distribution, maintenance, HSE, economics, etc..
  • Elaboration of training manuals and audiovisual presentations
  • Skill gap analysis and advanced studies for human resources development in Oil & Gas companies


  • Consultancy and technical assistance on Oil & Gas engineering and project management
  • Research and studies on Oil & Gas innovation and development technologies


  • Environmental studies and seminars on technical and regulatory issues
  • Environmental technologies and new tools
  • Industrial risks, environmental damage remediation

The above mentioned services are supplied by Serintel, an international service company, based in Italy and specialized in the providing of a complete range of managerial and technical training services taylored on the basis of Oil & Gas companies needs.

The services are supplied by multilingual teachers at oil company training facilities.

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