Energy Storage Using Thermal Processes and Nanotubes

Author: Marcello Pompa – Industrial Engineering – University “Campus Bio-Medico” of Rome


1. Theme description

Since 1970, the science had tried to find a solution at the energy crisis, developing new method to use and storage renewable energy[1].

The United States Department of Energy has expected that the world’s energy consumption will be increased by 20% and that overuse fossil fuels will have a hard impact on climate[2].

The hardest current global challenge is to use the renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, improving the storage energy efficiency[3].

One of the most interesting technologies in the energy storage and conversion is the nanostructured materials for their mechanical and electrical properties[4].

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are a kind of nanostructured material with very good electrical and mechanical properties thanks to their dimension and surface properties. Carbon nanotubes were discovered in 1991 as a minor byproduct of fullerene synthesis[5]. The research into CNTs has increased, reducing significantly the cost of this technology and improving the processability and scalability[6]. Nanotubes discovered are of two types: single-wall and multiwall.

In the following, an overview the thermal processes to store energy, in particular the using of Carbon nanotubes in energy field (with a description of this technology and a presentation of the major results obtained by CNTs) are reported.



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